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AeroMobil revealed a Flying Car 4.0

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AeroMobil working on a Flying Car & two years ago company revealed the prototype but know company ready with 4.0 model of AeroMobil which is the company’s first commercially available vehicle featuring hundreds of improvements & both in design and in engineering.


AeroMobil Flying Car 4.0 exterior made off carbon composite construction to deliver aerodynamic performance combined with automotive strength. Also, it’s flying car so, design highly aerodynamic with best safety & control both on the air as well as on ground.

So, we start from front then we check it’s tail. The front fascia look like dolphin head with two beautiful headlight that specially designed for automotive lighting & high intensity aerospace lighting technologies.

The wheel got ultra-lightweight design as well as strong so, you get comfortable journey plus landing, whether on tarmac, concrete or grass. AeroMobil Flying Car 4.0 use black transparent glass which give clear + wide view while on air or ground.

AeroMobil Flying Car 4.0 rear got wing geometry & profile is specifically designed to deliver a lightweight vehicle with stable performance, characteristics that are important in ensuring confident handling and high maneuverability. It’s wings also contribute a key part to the transformation of the vehicle from a plane to a car & have been optimised to stow neatly and safely along the fuselage.


AeroMobil Flying Car 4.0 interior is well designed & all functions and features are closer to your hand that easily accessible. Company introduce with unique glass cockpit system with a display setup familiar to those in the aviation world.

You get all necessary information on display plus transform seamlessly into the perfect display system for use in flight mode. Flying Car 4.0 offer fixed seating position for pilot & co-pilot with pedal box & the main flight / drive controls are adjustable providing the optimum position for comfort + safe operation.

AeroMobil Flying Car 4.0 packed with occupant restraint system utilises pyrotechnic seatbelt technology in conjunction with dual-stage airbags & recovery ballistic parachutes, it’s designed like so, bring an airborne vehicle back to ground safely (should the pilot choose to deploy it).


AeroMobil Flying Car 4.0 powered by 2.0-liter turbo charged 4-cylinder boxer ICE with exclusive electric front wheel drive system incorporating electronic differential. The adaptive transmission delivering both road-going functionality & direct drive during the flight.

The engine produce 110 bhp power via twin E Motors that is car power while aerospace power is 300 BHP via Turbo charged ICE (Euro 6).



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