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Airdog ADII launch by Helico Aerospace Industries

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Helico Aerospace Industries introduce with new drone, Airdog ADII. If you want to buy this drone then available on Kickstarter site & buy in USA, Canada, Netherlands, France, UK & Germany. Company post a link of retailer store there you buy Airdog II.

Airdog ADII packed with built-in LiDAR (distance sensor) that preventing ground collision in varying terrain & extreme changes in elevation at high speeds. Protected algorithms utilize data from barometric air pressure sensor, accelerometer & GPS to allow for precise & accurate response to extreme elevation changes.

The drone has motion GPS tracking system which controlled with AirLeash. You make quick inflight adjustments with the press of a button on AirLeash. The durable, light-weight & waterproof, tracking device allows for simple, mid-action control of the ADII while in action. Also, backlit LCD interface allows the user to read the display clearly in a broad range of lighting conditions.

Helico ADII is high-wind resistant, company construct high quality propulsion system providing superior tracking & camera control in high wind conditions up to 30knots (15m/s).

Airdog ADII has some cool feature like Follow Mode in this mode, the ADII will fly along a pre-programmed flight path while still following & keeping you perfectly framed in the video shot. Company say “User-programmed custom “Follow Mode” delivers ultimate control over desired creative aspects providing extreme levels of safety in areas such as single-track trails, cable wakeboarding and terrain parks, and anywhere else where you want your ADII to stay away from existing infrastructure, trees, buildings and other obstacles.”

Free Follow Mode – In open areas free of obstacles, these are the modes that let you get going instantly.

Fixed Follow, once you launched the ADII, position it in the desired angle relative to magnetic north and it will keep that angle/perspective, locked at all times, regardless of your movement or change in direction.

Adaptive Follow, the ADII will adapt to your movement direction. For example, the user can set the ADII shoot from the front with the camera pointing towards the subject at all times regardless of extreme changes in trajectory or terrain elevations.

Circle, want a more dynamic shot while cruising along the beach? Just hold left or right arrow button on AirLeash to command ADII to start circling around you while still following your movement.

Scenic Capture mode, also hands free & give perfect frame. The flight & camera movements are synchronized to provide a unique and perfectly timed shot.

Airdog ADII landing is fully automated the initiated when the battery level runs low or when you manually send a command from the AirLeash tracking device. As per the Helico, ADII can land either a few feet from your current position or fly back to it’s original takeoff position.

AirLeash UI is packed with 11 Sport/Action presets – Race Track, Trail, Wake Cable, Backcountry, Behind a Boat, Snow Park, DH Skiing, Surf/Sup, Windsurf, Kiteboard, Skate Park providing tailored settings & safety features to ensure the best video capture and flight safety.

The readings from 9-axis IMU sensor which fused in GPS data. And barometric pressure sensor & transmitted to the drone in real-time. The combination of unique motion prediction technology & intelligent follow algorithms designed for sports allows for advanced high-precision tracking in the most challenging elements.

Airdog ADII put the Gimbal system that provide vibration-free, smooth & professional grade video footage, the ADII has a built-in gimbal for GoPro HERO 5 Black camera.

Quick Specs –

  • Durable and weather resistant construction
  • 10-20 minutes flight time depending on flight speed
  • Interchangeable 14.8 V, 5550 mAh, Lithium – Ion Polymer batteries
  • Wind resistance up to 30 knots (15 m/s)
  • Top speed, 45 mph (72 km/h)
  • AirLeash range 500 feet (150m)
  • Operational ceiling, 3500 meters above sea level (11500 feet)
  • Weight 4.40 lbs (2.0 kg)

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Airdog | Kickstarter 

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