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Alpha Labs create First Casual AR Smart Glass

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Alpha Labs make first AR based casual smart glass & available on Kickostarter. The company uses bone conduction technology as we seen in Zeroi Versatile Hat & that is really great technology without any wire or earbuds you listen music & answer the call. Let see the specs –

Alpha Glass packed with the world’s smallest AR module. The smart glass packed with Argument Reality Display that has compact micro OLED with SXGA 1280×1024 resolution & 30° wide FOV (filed of view) that means you see the display right in the center with transparent background also, the FOV size reducing by help of Separated modular optical system.

We see one part there company explain OLED function –

The Augmented Reality (AR) Vision starts with a small micro OLED display located inside the frames
  • The image of the display enters the collimator lens located in the nose bridge
  • The collimator lens adjusts the image and inserts it into a spectacle lens with a wave-guide structure
  • Combiner with wave-guide lens projects image to the user’s eyes so it is possible to see the AR display

Alpha Glass powered by 1.1GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor. There is 2GB RAM & 16GB internal storage which is really good for smooth performance. As we say this smart glass packed with bone conduction technology, provide you to listen to music and receive voice guidance.

Smart glass run on Android 5.1 plus Mod UI customized launcher & compatible with Android & iOS 7+. For capturing, 5MP fixed focus POV (point of view) camera that read QR code, shoot video & capture photo that you like. Camera also detect the object, for entertainment support Vuforia, Unity, Kudan like 3rd party AR app.

This AR glass navigate you where you want to go & it’s collect the GPS data from phone send to Alpha app then communicate with AR glass via Bluetooth 4.0 BLE. You can share photo on social media just need to sync the glass with app & share whatever you want. Just tap the button or say.

Alpha Labs put private A.I Assistant that communication with STT server via Wi-Fi & detecting the voice via MEMS mic. Alpha Glass also support health monitoring, you need to connect with health tracker via BLE & they send data to Apha app.

Smart glass boasted by 3.7v <1000mAh slim li-po battery give 6 hours battery life & charge via micro-B USB. Alpha glass got 3-axis accelometer, 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis Compass & 4-direction touch pad. The company say use safety for battery. This is the developer version & you buy from Kickstarter (check the link below).

You want to know more then check the link below.

Alpha Labs | Kickstarter

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