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Aston Martin reborn the legend V600 & it’s strictly limited

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Aston Martin reborn the legend V600 which originally comes with V8 engine. The V8 V600 first revealed in 1998 & that car generate 600bhp power and most powerful car that time. Now, inspired by V600 Aston Martin revealed V12 V600s which is strictly limited run of seven coupes & seven roadsters.


Aston Martin V12 V600s under the hood offer 6.0-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine the generate 600PS power & engine matted with 7-speed manual transmission.  The front and rear dual independent wishbone suspension featuring 3-stage adaptive damping plus produces a sublime ride in all conditions.


Aston Martin V12 V600s has been commissioned, designed & handcrafted without compromise. It’s exterior look really aggressive with full-carbon fibre exterior & take you back in 90s, V600 utilises a re-imagined side-strake & bulging bonnet that hints towards the power that lies underneath.

Front has darkened grille provides maximum air & cooling to the model’s characterful V12. Aston Martin V12 V600s rear offer all-new carbon fibre diffuser provides the backdrop for an attention grabbing quad exhaust system. For give more powerful look by bespoke centre-lock forged & machined aluminium wheels.

Aston Martin V12 V600s cabin drilled with carbon fibre & dark anodised aluminium. There is lightweight seats have an all-new perforation pattern, carbon fibre centre console & bespoke driver information dials. Company hand-crafted saddle leather centre armrest provides comfort & style within ergonomic reach of the machined-from-solid gear shifter.

So, if you are very rich then donate me to buy this V600s (just kidding). So, if you really rich & interested to buy these the contact Aston Martin.

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