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Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset

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Asus recently unveiled Windows Mixed Reality headset. The headset innovative by Microsoft technology to bring immersive real-world & virtual experiences. Asus Windows Mixed Reality will cost €499 (approx in India ₹34,400).

Asus Windows Mixed Reality sports 2.89-inch diagonal display ×2 with 2880×1440 (both eye) & 90Hz display refresh rate. There is two inside-out tracking camera in front with 6DoF (Six Degree Of Freedom) position tracking & 32 LED lights on each controller that allow MR to map your environment, track your movements & controllers.

Asus Windows Mixed Reality got beautiful unique design with a pattern of 100 3D polygons & glossy tone-on-tone. Just lift the visor to switch between the virtual & real world in seconds. Asus Windows Mixed Reality has premium antibacterial cushioned materials & a balanced-crown design that reduces pressure on the nose and face.

Asus Windows Mixed Reality support Gyro scope, accelerometer, magnetometer & P-sensor. Headset doesn’t need external sensors or additional software, making the initial setup simple and getting users up and running in minutes.

Asus Windows Mixed Reality weight is 400g & adjustment strap. The MR supported 20,000 apps & on second screen you open browser so, you don’t need going any where everything in headset. Also, 3.5mm audio jack & take 10 minutes or less to setup, once they are setup just one tap & they started.


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