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Bentley Continental GT3 Sec-Generation Racer Car unveiled

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Bentley unveiled new Continental GT3 racer car which under development for 2018 motorsport season. The new racer car get beautiful black body color with beautiful green color detailing all over the body which make it more hotter & it’s pop-up the muscular body.

Bentley Continental GT3 racer car made of mostly aluminium structure that deliver a race-ready weight of significantly less than 1300 kg. The car aerodynamic surfaces design in wind tunnel & shaped based on road car. Also, muscular exterior panels with aerodynamic devices give additional downforce.

For aerodynamics, Bentley put carbon fibre front splitter, rear wing and body panels, lightweight, aerodynamically-optimised bumpers, bonnet, sills & fenders.

Bentley Continental GT3 racer car heart is 4.0-litre direct injection twin-turbo V8 engine with redesigned dry sump system & Cosworth engine management system. Engine generate 550 bhp power.

There is Ricardo six-speed sequential transaxle gearbox, Rear wheel drive, AP racing clutch & steering wheel mounted paddle-operated pneumatic gear shift. Bentley Continental GT3 racer car has double wishbone suspension front & rear, four-way adjustable racing dampers.

GT3 packed with Alcon ventilated iron disc brakes front and rear, Alcon six-piston front calipers, four-piston rear calipers & driver-adjustable brake bias. Talking about drivetrian so, carbon fibre propshaft & limited slip differential.

For safety, company use FIA-specification steel roll cage, six-point FIA safety harness, onboard fire extinguisher & onboard pneumatic jack system.

Other specs is FIA-specification racing fuel cell, BBS Motorsport 18 inch x 13 inch rims, 355 / 705 R18, Race-specification Bosch ABS and traction control & Lightweight race battery.

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