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BMW Designworks unveiled EV Charger that name after IONITY a joint venture

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IONITY is a joint venture b/w the BMW Group, Daimler, Ford & Volkswagen Group pursuing the objective of making e-mobility ready for long-distance travel. Now, company revealed the concept design of IONITY that look very elegant & gorgeous.

IONITY charger has 350Kw charging capacity which provide fast charger & it’s build a network of reliable plus powerful charging stations along major routes across Europe. The company develop 400 stations & all started by the end of 2020.

The each charging station of which will be offering up to six chargers are equipped with the latest e-charging technology & at a distance of approximately 120 km from each other so, public easily access charging station.

IONITY got really elegant design with simple tour like structure that top part has free-floating light ring, seated on top of the slender charger’s body and using light or color changes to communicate information about charge status to users & it’s look really appealing specially on night because you can see tower from distance.

It has user friendly design with touchscreen user interface, holder & charger plug as well seamlessly you connect your smartphone with EV charger. Overall the design look really awesome & we need to wait more to see these concept in real life.

“In order to create holistic experiences, it is imperative to give product and interaction design equal attention and to ensure an integrated process”, says Holger Hampf, president of Designworks added “The design of IONITY´s charging poles conveys the value of this approach: We have involved customers in the design process and thought about every analogue and digital detail until we reached a solution that will truly enable a new kind of charging experience”


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