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Bugatti introduce with 3D Printed Titanium Caliper

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Bugatti is very famous for it’s car’s as well as they work with new technology. And same know happen, Bugatti introduce with world’s first eight-piston monobloc brake caliper that created by 3D printer.

Bugatti new brake also largest brake caliper in the automotive industry as a entire plus first company manufacturer which use titanium. Company say “Technical development laboratory of the Volkswagen Group, Bugatti leads the way in 3-D printing and is a worldwide innovation driver”.

As we all know caliper are 3D printed but it use Titanium so, tensile strength of 1,250 N/mm2  means that a force of slightly more than 125 kg be applied to a square millimetre of this titanium alloy without the material rupturing.

The brake caliper is 41 cm long, 21 cm wide & 13.6 cm high, weighs only 2.9 kg, if we comparison with the aluminium component currently used, which weighs 4.9 kg that really impressive. It designed at  Laser Zentrum Nord, which was the largest 3D printer in the world plus suitable for titanium at the start of the project, is equipped with four 400-watt lasers.

Bugatti say “We have not only developed the world’s largest titanium component produced by additive manufacturing but also the longest aluminium component to date made by 3-D printing, proudly taking a 63-centimetre-long lightweight aluminium windscreen wiper board out of the cabinet. The board only weighs 0.4 kg, half the weight of a conventional die-cast lightweight aluminium board, without any reduction in rigidity. But that is another story.”

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