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Bugatti unveiled the most gorgeous car Divo

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Bugatti recently introduce with Divo which has killer look & so far one of the sexiest car by company after Chiron & Veyron. We all are biggest fan of Bugatti & new Chiron based Divo really impressed us again with futuristic design that look like a concept car but full ready beast.

Bugatti Divo is 35kg lighter than Chiron & it possible by new lightweight wheels, carbon fibre intercooler cover, front diffuser flaps, reduction in the amount of insulation material used, installation of a lighter sound system & stowage compartments on the central console plus door trims have also been omitted.

By the help of lighter material Divo is 8 seconds faster than Chiron. Super car powered by same engine but aerodynamics is next level, lateral acceleration, the Divo reaches 1.6 g which is really awesome & 90 kilograms more downforce than the standard Chiron.

Bugatti Divo got all improvements but it’s top speed limited to 380km/h. The front is looking really awesome with iconic grille, sexy bonnet, DRLs which also killer & beautiful LED headlight.

Bugatti say “One highlight at the rear of the vehicle is definitely the new, highly sophisticated 3-D rear light. This is actually part of the rear grille, which is partly produced by a 3-D printing process and has special lightweight fins with a variety of sizes. A total of 44 of these fins light up, forming the rear light of the Divo. At the outer edge, the fins become wider, creating a more intensive light. Towards the centre of the vehicle, they are narrower, resulting in gradual fading of the light. The result is a striking appearance which means that the Divo is also unmistakable from the rear.”

Talking about interior so, here you see high gloss carbon fiber work which help to reduce weight. There is black & blue color interior which exactly reflect the outer part of Divo plus door trims and seat areas, which embroidered three-dimensional rhomboid structure That reflect the structure of the grille and rear lights.

Bugatti Divo strictly limited number which is 40 & it cost you €5 million but all are sold out. So, we only enjoy the images. Tell us what you think about these beast by Bugatti.

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