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Halos innovate GoDrive Pro for iPhone user

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Another great innovation we see in Kickstarter that specially for iPhone user. Los Angeles, CA based Halos company innovate GoDrive Pro charging cable but it is not only a cable it has microSD card reader too on the head. Halos develop app for iPhone user, so the cable got her life & we talk about in post.

Halos GoDrive Pro microSD reader connect all devices means your iPhone can read/transfer/share data from Digital Camera, DashCam, UAV, GoPro & all other devices that use MicroSD. This hybrid cable made of a tinned copper core plus Apple’s Original Lighting C68A connector that charge up to 50% in just 20 minutes.

Halos GoDrive Pro cable need at least 2.1A charger for quick charging. I think so, this cable is life saver for iPhone user because they have not much storage, so if your device full then quickly transfers photos, videos, musics & other files to GoDrive Pro‘s MicroSD via iPhone & they free up storage of your handset.

Also, GoDrive Pro solves all those problems by backing up your photos/videos/contacts offline. Without storing HD movie & HQ music on your iPhone just transfer from Mac/PC to GoDrive Pro & enjoy your content. The cable length is 4ft/1.2m & up to 512GB support.

GoDrive App

Halos GoDrive Pro app available on Apple store & compatible to iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. GoDrive app is user friendly & it give life to Smart Cable & Smart Flash Drive.

Talking about feature of app –

Quick Photo Export, Automatic Photo Backup, Aesthetically designed photo timeline. Engaging Mobile Entertainment: HD video player, Mini music player. Universal File Management: Internal and External Storage Management, Document viewer, File Transfer across different apps, Enabling easier office work.

Halos GoDrive Pro available in three color – Vermilion Red, Midnight Black, Rose Gold & Moonlight Silver. Company say “The color of GoDrive Pro you receive is in random. If you prefer certain color, please send an email to global@halos.co, notifying the color, number, order number and user name.”

The microSD reader available on Kickstarter & price start from $22 (approx in India ₹1,400).

Halos | Kickstarter

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