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Hyundai 4WD Tucson Launched in India

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Hyundai Motor India Limited is the second largest manufacturer & largest passenger car exporter company in India. Hyundai introduce with 4WD Tucson 2017 & it’s sale in 4 variant has 2WD system while one variant has 4WD system.

Hyundai 4WD Tucson powered by 2.0 Diesel engine produce 185hp & 400Nm torque. The 6 speed automatic transmission with GLS feature. Hyundai 4WD Tucson offered 4WD Lock mode that split the torque 50:50 between front and rear wheels.

Hyundai 4WD function give better Fuel Efficiency as intelligent switching ON/OFF for 4WD system. As per the company “4WD Functioning automatically implements Rear Wheel Traction Control by assessing road conditions & maintain utmost traction on rough, lose or slippery surfaces, improving stability while cornering. When driving in this mode the system determines intelligently that there is need for 4WD based on the terrain and the engine driving power automatically get distributed to all 4 wheels without the driver’s intervention.”

Hyundai 4WD Tucson has Advance Traction Cornering Control which move torque those wheels has most grip. Hyundai Tucson AT GL trims in both petrol & diesel have been reinforced with safety features like Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), Hill Assist Control (HAC), Down Hill Brake Control (DBC) & Brake Assist enhancing the safety and driving performance.

Price are as follows –

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