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Lexus LS+ Concept revealed at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

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Lexus showcase it’s automated-driving capable car LS+ Concept at 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017. Along with this, company revealed two limited edition of Lexus F Sports – RC F & GS F on 10th anniversary of Lexus F Sports.

Now we talking about Lexus LS+ Concept so, company main aim to make this future car to achieve a world free of traffic casualties. Lexus use Urban Teammate technology which let drive itself on regular road.

Lexus LS+ Concept got more aggressive look, on front side has Spindle Grille with large grill shutter which improved cooling & aerodynamic performance. Also, partly laser-lit headlamps, rear combination lamps & electronic side mirrors.

Lexus furthermore use Highway Teammate automated driving technology that allow response to actual traffic conditions, enable automated merging, lane changes, diverging, keep a vehicle in its lane & maintain vehicle-to-vehicle distance, all this possible by appropriate recognition, judgment & operation by onboard systems in response to actual traffic conditions.

The LS+ Concept can communicate with a data center to update its systems’ software, allowing new functions to be added. Meanwhile, AI that learns from big data, including information on roads and surrounding areas, ensures a high level of automated driving. The car, which can learn and grow along with its users, represents a new age for the image of cars to which people can become emotionally attached.

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