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LG G6+ & LG G6 32GB storage variant unveiled

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LG revealed two new smartphone, G6+ & G6. The smartphone launched in South Korea & available from next month via three domestic mobile communication companies. LG G6+ available in Optical Terra Gold, Optical Marine Blue & Optical Astro Black while LG G6 32GB available in Terra Gold, Marine Blue & Astro Black.

Optical Astro Black’ makes you feel different depth of black depending on viewing angle. ‘Optical Terra Gold’ emphasizes mystique in gold color & gentle pink, while ‘Optical Marine Blue’ adds coolness to cool blue color. LG Electronics plans to launch ‘LG G6 +’ in Korea market & in the world market sequentially.

LG G6+ packed with 128GB internal storage & LG G6 packed with 32GB internal storage. Both device got B & O play bundle earphone to enjoy the premium sound provided by the Hi-Fi Quad DAC. The B & O logo is also added on the back of the product.

LG put motion recognition to the face recognition function that recognizes the user’s face, even if the screen is turned off, the user can lift the product & brighten the face to release the lock screen. With this feature, there is no need to turn on the screen to check the face each time.

Also, company work on low-power algorithm that lowers standby power when a user is not using a smartphone also applies. For example, when using the exercise app, you can reduce battery consumption because you are driving at a lower power than usual when you calculate calories or calculate activity.

LG G6+ & G6 other feature is Wide-angle camera & automatically records call with a specific person once you set it up.

LG both smartphone soon available in South Korea & global market.


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