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LG officially teased V40 ThinQ With Penta Camera Setup

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LG now teased it’s most engaging & awaited smartphone that revealed in October event but for know we have some images & 30s video where company revealed the color, camera setup and more. So, let’s check it out >>>>

LG V40 ThinQ has 5 camera setup means you get Tri-camera on back while Two-camera on front. Company revealed that front dual camera packed with 2 – 3mm size illumination sensor & laser sensor, so we can say that it has 3D facial recognition.

One thing I love that LG not only focus on Camera they want to give consumer whole new experience means there you saw touch, color, & molding got more enhanced plus LG said that “The comfortable charm that does not get tired even if the customer has spent a long time focusing on the harmony of convenience instead of the splendor of technology.”

LG V40 ThinQ sports 6.4-inch display with minimal bezels but not revealed what resolution offer in these smartphone. I think so, V40 ThinQ offer QHD+ display which is same as previous one but less bezel more enjoyment.

LG Electronics CEO Jung-Hoon Lee, director of the MC Design Research Center, said, “I focused on the nuances that make a user stand out more than the splendor to show off the technology of the product.” I can feel the new desire to look into the thin and light design with new materials and colors. “He said.

There is 3 color option – New Platinum Gray, Carmine Red & the first to appear in addition to Morokan Blue. All color is really sexy but Carmine Red give elegant & powerful look these V40 ThinQ.

LG V40 ThinQ is very premium smartphone with lots of new thing specially a Penta Camera setup & that’s why I think so, it will be got very heavy pricing.

Some Press Release Point

  1. LG Electronics also took into consideration the feel of touching the fingers when they caught the product. The surface of the rear reinforced glass of the product is finely cut by the nanometer unit, and the sand blast method is applied to achieve a silky feel. Because it is not a film addition, it keeps strength and hardness which are characteristic of tempered glass, and soft touch is maintained even after time, and scratch is not occurred easily.
  2. The matte color also adds to the charm that was not found in conventional tempered glass or metal. The soft color gives a deep impression that does not get tired even for a long time. Practical because it does not touch fingerprints or dirt. On the other hand, the metal frame on the side of the product, unlike the backside, is treated with glitter to emphasize the solidity and aesthetics unique to the metal.

So, tell us what you think about LG V40 ThinQ & you are more excited after these teaser. Tell us via comment.

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