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McLaren unveiled BP23 ‘Speed Form’ a bespoke sculpture

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McLaren recently preview it’s Hyper-GT (name not yet announced), codenamed BP23 which is a highest top speed McLaren yet including F1. Now, company unveiled BP23 sculpture produced for 106 confirmed buyers of new, yet-to-be-named, McLaren Hyper-GT so, those buy BP23 will get these sculpture.

McLaren BP23 Speed Form give us hint of car that comes with aggressive aerodynamics work, luxury & futuristic styling. Also, you see in these sculpture a same three-seat, central driving position layout as the McLaren F1.

The three-dimensional piece of art, which dimension is 400mm x 205mm x 80mm & weighs a proud 3.6kg, is a product of ‘extreme craftsmanship’. The every piece is machined using the latest 5-axis CNC cutting technology but hand-assembled plus finished.

McLaren BP23 Speed Form take more than 100 hours to create, with 30 hours of expert hand-polishing alone. As per company ‘A craftsman has checked each sculpture to achieve an exceptional standard of build, and the highest quality possible.’

McLaren BP23 is powered by petrol-electric hybrid powertrain & capable for exceeding 391km/h top speed which we seen in McLaren F1 road car. As well car personalized to each owner’s taste by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), these special division created by McLaren which responsible for bespoke customer commissions.

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