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MirroCool a Smart Mirror That’s Know You

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Another great great innovation we found on Kickstarter & really for me it’s fascinating that mirror that’s know you. MirroCool Inc create a smart mirror that is your personal assistant which syncs up with your smartphone. Let see in detail.

MirroCool use a precisely cut ¼ thick glass with thick silver nitrate coating. The mirror powered by quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, in-built storage as well as 5GB cloud server space (MirrorCloud). For selfie & home security there is HD camera they send your image on your smartphone, mirrorcloud, email, mms, & social networking site.

MirroCool also a home surveillance while you out then activate Away Mode, the display is disabled & MirroCool looks like an ordinary mirror, but the camera is switched on & work in motion detection mode. If the camera detects a face, which is not a recognized “home users”, it will take pictures of the “guest” and sends them instantly to your MirroCool mobile app followed up with an alert notification. Then you need to decide whether to call the police or not, at the click on a button.

MirroCool support 5inch HD display & screen only visible when activated. Smart mirror connected with Internet & connect via home network Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Company create mobile app which 100% customizable  as per your need.

Personal Assistant

MirroCool show you a current date, time & traffic information to your most current distance. Also, suggest what you take bus or train plus show public timetable so you take transport on time. You choose widget like weather forecast, breaking news, & social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and many more.

Multi-user Detail

Smart mirror has Face recognition system which allow as many user profiles as you desire. MirroCool will instantly detect & recognize the distinctive facial features & display the data of associated user’s profile. Also recognizes facial gestures to control the device. You want to switch between different widgets? Move your eyes top-right or top-left corner. If you want to take selfie, just blink your eye.

MirroCool Inc put the privacy mode that disable the camera fully.

Now talk about the dimension so, 60cm×80cm & available in two variant – without frame got IP65 water resistant certificate & with frame (4 color). Also, the good thing is camera is not showable so, if intruder in your house they see herself & that time automatically image are taken plus you see live via MirroCool app which available for Android & iOS user.

If you want to buy this smart mirror then click below the link.

MirroCool | Kickstarter

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