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Mitsubishi Electric revealed Emirai 4 concept car

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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation revealed Emirai 4 concept car & it’s exhibit at 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 which starting from 27 October. It is a next generation driving-assistance technology like human machine interface.

Mitsubishi Electric Emirai 4 has heads-up display with augmented reality, 3D mapping, positioning technology, emphasizes road & white lane show on heads-up display which is good for driver safety. There is knob-on display which is accessible via sliding knob, modify & fuse into specified groupings, helping to simplify the center interior.

Mitsubishi Electric Emirai 4 drilled with wide-angle interior camera monitors both the driver & the front passenger by detecting the passengers’ heads & postures to alert potentially dangerous driving behavior and provides safe + smooth switchover between automated to manual driving. This system also provides comfort for each one by changing air conditioning settings, etc.

As per the Mitsubishi Electric “Sensors in the car body detect when a door is about to be opened on, which activates an illuminated indicator that is projected onto the road surface and another indicator illuminated on the car body, both of which help nearby vehicles and pedestrians instantly recognize that a door is about to be opened.”

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