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Neuroon Open a Smart Sleeping Mask which Improved Your Sleeping

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Neuroon Open create a world’s first open source sleeping enhancing wearable in the form of a sleeping mask. This mask occupied with EEG (brainwave) technology. Neuroon Open created Neuroon app for sleeping tracker & many cool feature also there.

Neuroon Open measure EEG or brainwaves which help you to improve your sleep, adjust your bedroom as per you need & supports in meditation & lucid dreaming induction. Also, calculate your biological signals, including: brain waves (EEG – electroencephalography), muscle tension (EMG – electromyography) & eye movements (EOG – electrooculography).

Neuroon Open sleeping tracker has Bluetooth 4.0 BLE that received the data collected from a user’s sleep is transformed from analogue readings to digital analysis, all this going in Neuroon Open app. As per the company “When you sleep, you go through two phases: REM and NREM and one follows the other. Using intelligent analysis based on data collected by the Neuroon Open, the device will wake you up after your last REM phase, allowing you to feel fully rested and energized.”

Neuroon Open write that “Measurements of EEG, EOG and EMG, coupled with the usage of artificial intelligence, allows us to create the world’s first digital sleep-control system that provides accuracy close to professional polisomnographic clinics. It’s a whole new level above current, simple solutions that only use accelerometer readings to detect sleep phases. The Neuroon Open reads biological signals direct from your body, allowing for super precise and in-depth measurements.”

Neuroon Open made of viscoelastic foam that provide comfortness while put on face. The outer area of mask is full customizable with many design & your own design also you put. Sleeping tracker packed with 3 dry, golden-plated electrodes, pulse- oximeter sensor & accelerometer which are getting comprehensive data about sleep.

Neuroon Open will be powered with the lithium-ion 2×250mAh in-built battery. It will be rechargeable using micro-USB charger. The battery works for at least 4-5 days.

For understand this sleeping mask easily so, here the image


If you thought to know more about this mask then check the below link.

Neuroon Open | Kickstarter

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