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Obsidian 3D Printer by Kodama

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Kodama Inc. made another 3D printer which called Obsidian. This one listed on Kickstarter & available in three variant – Obsidian, Obsidian Plus & Obsidian Deluxe. The price is $99 for Obsidian, $149 for Obsidian Plus, $249 for Obsidian Deluxe.

Kodama Obsidian 3D printer packed with Heated Bed that allows you to print with materials like ABS, PETG, Nylon & more. Also, company claim that they successfully printed with PC (Polycarbonate) & CF (Carbon Fiber). As the name of printer Obsidian, company use world’s first filament with Obsidian powder in her printer.

The nozzles made of tungsten which has the highest melting point of all metals & is alloyed with other metals to strengthen them. Also, Tungsten use in arc-welding electrodes & heating elements in high-temperature furnaces. Kodama Obsidian 3D printer sport 3.2inch TFT display & run on Android OS.

As we say there is three different variant – Obsidian, Obsidian Plus & Obsidian Deluxe


Which has no screen, no support of SD/USB card slot, camera also not here & iOS/Android app not support. You need to pay extra for Heated bed & Obsidian filament.

Obsidian Plus

This one comes with Obsidian filament, 3.5inc LCD Resistor touch screen, support SD/USB card slot, STM 32 CPU, No RAM, Proprietary system, Power outage recovery & support English language only.

Obsidian Deluxe

Deluxe model got Quad-core ARM CPU, 3.5inch Smart LCD Capacitive display, 2GB RAM, support SD/USB card slot, Android system, Wi-Fi, 2MP webcam with record time lapses & monitor prints remotely, support English/German/French/Spanish/Chinese/Japanese & Printer status that seen on iOS or Android.

Kodama Obsidian 3D Printer chassis made off aluminum & printing technology is FDM. Talk about printing feature – Build volume 120x120x120mm, layer thickness is 50-350μm & heat range around 180-250°C.

If you want to buy Kodama Obsidian 3D Printer then it’s available on kickstarter for $99 (approx in India ₹6,000) for Obsidian, $149 (approx in India ₹9,500) for Obsidian Plus, $249 (approx in India ₹16,000) for Obsidian Deluxe plus two color variant – White & Black.

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