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OSOP invent Raspberry Shake 4D which detect earthquakes

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OSOP invent seismograph that detect earthquake & invisible motion. Raspberry Shake 4D available on Kickstarter site & price starting from $25. As we know earth is always moving & with the Raspberry Shake, watching the Earth’s vibrations LIVE from your computer is now a reality for anyone.

OSOP Raspberry Shake 4D easily record local earthquake that you fell. This seismograph record earthquakes magnitude 2 & up within a radius of 50 miles (80km) & magnitude 4 and up within a radius of 250 miles (400km). Raspberry Shake 4D record earthquakes with vanishingly small magnitudes imperceptible to our human senses but easily seen in Raspberry Shake.

You monitor & analyze the data from any other Raspberry Shake in the global network. Also, company made Android app there you get instantly earthquake updates on your smartphone. Also, send your data with seismic observatories worldwide.

For live graphic feed of the Earth’s vibrations just connect directly to Raspberry shake to view. For those not understand what is this? The company write on her page

Raspberry Shake is a very clever little custom circuit board, that fits right onto the most popular single-board personal computer, the Raspberry Pi, transforming it into a professional grade personal seismograph. It is probably the smallest seismograph of its caliber in existence, but don’t let its size fool you – It can record earthquakes of all magnitudes, from the vanishingly small blips that are imperceptible to human senses, to the big destructive earthquakes that regularly happen around the world.

As soon as the Raspberry Shake is plugged in and set up, you can see, record and analyze the Earth’s motion in real time!

For know more detailing then check the site & link below.

Kickstarter  |  Raspberry

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