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Pal-V Liberty First Flying-Car Production Model unveiled at 88th Geneva International Motor Show

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Pal-V is dutch company & first company who ready to sell flying car. Recently, Pal-V unveiled Liberty at Geneva International Motor Show. Also, it’s production model is the last stage in the R&D process before starting full production & delivery.

Pal-V Liberty powered by two engine that generate 100hp power. Flying car offer Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) is 910kg with 20kg of baggage load, 2 persons capacity, mass empty is 664Kg & 100l fuel capacity.

These one accelerate 0-100km/h in 9 seconds & top speed is 160km/h in drive mode while 180km/h range in flight mode. Pal-V Liberty need take-off distance of 330m while landing roll distance off 30m.

Pal-V Liberty offer 400 km max range with ½ hour reserve fuel, MTOW, 500 km max range with ½ hour reserve fuel, single person operation MSL (Mean Sea Level) & 4.3 hours max endurance with ½ hour reserve fuel, MTOW.

The Liberty exterior is look very elegant with LED headlights on front, air scoop on bonnet, boat like front which help while flying, big helicopter propeller, tail propeller, wings that help in moving left or right, special tyre & many more.

Pal-V Liberty interior got full leather & packed with all controls that need for flying car. Also, it has self stabilization & curve stabilization feature.

Now taking about prices so, Liberty sale in two variant – Pioneer Edition that has all feature & Sport edition that is standard variant plus both prices are on request. So, if you plan to buy these one then please first go take pilot licence & learn how to fly.

If you want to know more then check below link.

Pal-V Liberty

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