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Porsche Mission E finally got name that is Taycan

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Porsche is ready to hit the hard electric car market by Mission E that know got name which is Taycan. The recently company revealed the name as well revealed the date when production ready car.

So, everyone has one question is what the mean of Taycan? As per company “Lively Young Horse” which really great meaning & great name for these 100% electric car. Porsche Mission E Taycan has really strong look (like horse), powerful motors, long range & creating jobs for youngster so, the all feature of Taycan is like horse & that’s why we say “really great name & meaning”.

Porsche said “The vehicle names generally have a concrete connection with the corresponding model and its characteristics: The name Boxster describes the combination of the boxer engine and roadster design; Cayenne denotes fieriness, the Cayman is incisive and agile, and the Panamera offers more than a standard Gran Turismo, which is what allowed it to win the Carrera Panamericana long-distance race. The name Macan is derived from the Indonesian word for tiger, with connotations of suppleness, power, fascination and dynamics.”


Porsche Mission E Taycan have 800 V battery with PSM high performance motor that generate 440kW or we say 600 hp power & give 500km range. The all electric car accelerate 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds while 0-200km/h in 12 seconds & it’s top speed is 250km/h.

Porsche use lithium-ion technology that is uderbody battery enlarge the full length b/w rear & front axles. Company well balance the weight with equally distributed to the wheelbase. Plus, the center of gravity of the entire vehicle is extremely low. It’s boost the performance & give felling of sport car.


Porsche Mission E Taycan packed with inductive charging. So, inductive charging is or also known as wireless charging or cordless charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction.

Mission E activate charging while you comfortably drive over a base plate in your garage. Simply say it’s fully automatic means without cable, without plug & without getting your hands dirty you can charge Mission E.

It’s battery also charge via the charging port hidden at the side of the front fender. Porsche TurboCharging has 800 V at DC charging which charge 80% battery in just 15 minutes that’s really quick.


Porsche headquarter in Zuffenhausen & know there is a new paint shop with dedicated assembly area for the Taycan plus a conveyor bridge for transporting the painted bodies & drive units to the final assembly area that are currently being constructed.

Also, production of the Taycan is creating around 1,200 new jobs in Zuffenhausen alone. Porsche Mission E Taycan is set to begin next year.

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