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Porsche Mission E a great rival of Tesla Electric car

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Porsche working on Mission E that is full electric car & it’s really give great competition to Tesla electric car. We all know how much beautiful is Tesla supercar & same know you see in Porsche electric car.


Porsche Mission E has flat hood section on front that help in aerodynamics & beautiful looking Matrix LED headlight with integrated sensor for assistance system. On rear side you see continuous LED light strip in sophisticated black glass finish. As you see in images, car cabin tapers towards the rear giving way to prominent rear fenders.

In Mission E sides you see no mirror, because Porsche use virtual mirror means camera that reflect the images in the lower windshield corners by this you get more detail view as well as augmented safety information can be actively displayed here.

Mission E has typical Porsche style, fast roofline together with the side window line. Now we enter into car so, first thing we saw counter-opening door which give unimpaired view of a monocoque-like structure plus easy entry into cabin.

Porsche Mission E height only 1300 mm yet you get 4 seat where four adult easily seat that is really great. Porsche say “The all-electric drive concept allows an entirely new interpretation of these principles. For example, the absence of a transmission tunnel opens up cabin space and imparts a lighter, more generously proportioned ambient feeling. The four individual seats are inspired by bucket-type racing seats, thus saving weight and giving all passengers the appropriate lateral support to match the driving dynamics of the car.”

Porsche Mission E interior got OLED virtual display technology & it’s cluster feature is five round instruments. Also, assigned to the driver-relevant function categories Porsche Connect, Performance, Drive, Energy & Sport Chrono.

As per the Porsche “Menu navigation is controlled by eye tracking – in line with our operating philosophy of having instant access to essential functions. The system detects the considered instrument by camera. Now the driver activates the instrument menu on the steering wheel by pressing a button, giving access to the desired menu. It just takes another glance at the display to select a different round instrument. Confirmation is by hand. Everything works directly, quickly and intuitively.”


Porsche Mission E have 800 V battery with PSM high performance motor that generate 440kW or we say 600 hp power & give 500km range. The all electric car accelerate 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds while 0-200km/h in 12 seconds & it’s top speed is 250km/h.

Porsche use lithium-ion technology that is uderbody battery enlarge the full length b/w rear & front axles. Company well balance the weight with equally distributed to the wheelbase. Plus, the center of gravity of the entire vehicle is extremely low. It’s boost the performance & give felling of sport car.

The large 22-inch rear wheel & 21-inch front wheel.


Porsche Mission E packed with inductive charging. So, inductive charging is or also known as wireless charging or cordless charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction.


Mission E activate charging while you comfortably drive over a base plate in your garage. Simply say it’s fully automatic means without cable, without plug & without getting your hands dirty you can charge Mission E.

It’s battery also charge via the charging port hidden at the side of the front fender. Porsche Turbo Charging has 800 V at DC charging which charge 80% battery in just 15 minutes that’s really quick.

Other Detail

There is no word about availability buy it’s recently show testing in ice. So, we think so, it’s really soon come in market & it’s very tough competition to Tesla.

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