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Renault DeZir Electric Concept Glimpse

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After unveiled Captur in India now Renault show the new electric concept car DeZir. Renault DeZir showcase at the 2018 Auto Expo which date is 9-14 February, 2018. Lets see the feature of DeZir –

Renault DeZir powered by 24kWh lithium-ion battery that give 100 miles on single charge. The electric car produce 110kW power & 226Nm torque. Renault also has battery cooling that ensured not only by the air channelled from the front to the back of the car, but also above all by the flow of air that enters through the lateral scoops concealed behind the aluminium panels on either side of the body.

As per the Renault, DeZir aerodynamics have been carefully honed, too, thanks to full underbody fairing and a rear diffuser. The result of this work is a drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.25, as well as outstanding acceleration, with DeZir capable of accelerating from rest to 62mph in just five seconds.

Renault DeZir gate is butterfly style & beautiful red color on exterior & interior. The body of DeZir is made of Kevlar & tubular steel frame is similar as the Megan Trophy Racer.

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