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Renault unveiled Megan R.S. at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

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Finally, Renault introduce with Megan R.S. at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2017. The all new Megan R.S. got new body color – Tonic Orange, new engine & four wheel steering that first in the segment.

Renault Megan R.S. wings extended by 60mm at the front & 45mm at the rear. The hatchback packed with R.S. Vision system that is a multi-reflector LED lighting system takes the form of a chequered flag plus covers the fog lights, cornering lights and dipped & main beam headlights.

Renault Megan R.S. use trademark C-shaped main lightning. Now, talk about the engine so, new turbocharged 1.8 Litre engine with direct fuel injection. The six-speed manual gearbox with steering wheel mounted paddle-shift gear changes.

Renault Megan R.S. new four hydraulic compression stop that provide additional excellent roadholding without compromising the vehicle’s comfort or sportiness, even when passing over obstacles or uneven surfaces.

Renault give two chassis variant – Sport for those seeking sporty drive & Cup for those firmer & geared towards track day aficionados. There is 4Control system for 4 wheel steering, as per the company “The car even more nimble through tight turns and more stable when cornering at high speeds, generating a whole new level of performance and driving enjoyment in the segment.”

Renault Megan R.S has Expert mode, they film the driving & analyse the driving data. Also, five driving mode – Comfort, Perso, Sports, Race & Normal. Renault also revealed 300 horsepower ‘Trophy’ version of the Megan R.S. at the

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