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Rimac Automobili unveiled Concept Two super beast at 88th Geneva International Motor Show

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Rimac Automobili is Croatian based electric hypercar maker & recently, Rimac unveiled another beast that called C_Two or we say Concept Two at ongoing Geneva International Motor Show. These one is limited units available for buy & fully-electric hypercar that generate beast power.

Battery & Powertrain

Rimac Concept Two powered by 120kWh battery with liquid cooling technology & support fast charging with 250kW DC combo that charge 0-80% battery in just 30 minute. There is four independent permanent-magnet electric motors & four-wheel drive with software-controlled torque vectoring.


As well two independent two-speed gearboxes on rear & two independent single-speed gearboxes on front plus 7 independent cooling systems all fans & pumps running on 48V.

Performance, Chassis & Structure

Rimac Concept Two produce 1,914hp beast power & 2,300Nm torque. While accelerate 0-100km/h in just 1.97 seconds (0-60mph in just 1.85 seconds) & it’s top range is 412km/h. That really a beast feature & give super tough competition to Chiron.

Now talking about structure so, carbon-fibre monocoque with integrated structural battery pack and bonded carbonfibre roof, structural reinforcements and crumple-zones for front, rear and side-impact, carbon-fibre rear subframe & front and rear aluminium crash structures.

Rimac Concept Two give comfortable ride by A-arm wishbone suspension with electronically adjustable dampers & active ride-height. Also, front brakes CCMR 390mm 6-piston & rear brakes CCMR 390mm 6-piston.


Rimac Concept Two has aerodynamic package – front diffusors, rear diffusor, rear wing, bonnet turning vane & underbody inlets and outlets. As well central control system coordinating torque vectoring & active aerodynamics and suspension.

Also want to know more check below link.

Rimac Automobili

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