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SEQUENT revealed The World’s First Kinetic Self-charging Smartwatch

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SEQUENT is Switzerland based company & launch the world’s first kinetic self-charging smartwatch. The watch available on Kickstarter & price start CHF 149 (approx in India ₹9,941). SEQUENT watch have some edition – Black edition (white or black face) & Steel edition in blue or black face price start CHF 199 (approx in India ₹13,000).

SEQUENT watch most attractive feature is infinite battery life. How is that possible? So, company convert the kinetic energy into the electrical energy & they give infinite battery life. That’s simply great, you don’t need to plug it or buy coin cell battery & our money also be safe plus our energy also be use.

The watch has activity tracker they measure your day & night activity. There is heart rate sensor which measure your hart rate during sport to learn how to improve your performance. Buil-in GPS help you track to roads you choose to go & how much distance you covered.

SEQUENT create biofeedback app for iOS & Android, provide detailed & continuous feedback plus bespoke life coach for health & performance. Filtered notifications put in SEQUENT SuperCharger watch that makes sure only the important things come through. Let You control the technology & not vice versa.

If you travel & many times zones you cross, so SEQUENT automatically displays the local time accurately. Talking about the whole feature – Water resistance around 50m, Bluetooth 4.2 Sync, Accelerometer, GPS, Notification, Heart rate sensor, Step counting, Infinite kinetic power & Biofeedback tracking.

If you want to buy this watch then why you wait go on Kickstarter site & purchase one for you & one for me (just kidding).

SEQUENT | Kickstarter

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