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Top 3 Action Games on Android & iOS

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Hello, everyone today I have made top 3 action game which available on Android. Most of the games are free & we think so you enjoy it

1. Modern Combat Series

Modern Combat series is very famous & one of the most famous is Modern Combat 5 : Blackout. I play that game because it’s available for free on Play Store & iTunes. Controlling, graphics & sound effect is good. It’s online FPS game & made by Gameloft.


Also, available on iTune – App Store


2. Max Payne Mobile

Every one play this game on PC but now it’s available on Android & iOS. Max Payne is award winning game. The gaming control is smooth, sound is good & old type graphics with great action. Max Payne is paid game so, it’s price is ₹98.80 on Play Store & ₹250 on App Store.

App Store


3. Contract Killer : Sniper

Glu made this game & available for free on Android & iOS. The game is really good & you enjoy it with full of action.

Glu – “You are a master assassin, hired to infiltrate secure locations and eliminate high-profile targets. Perform lethal strikes and follow your only rule: Honor The Contract. A new threat as appeared! Cyborgs and Mechanized Combat Units are invading cities around the world. Behind this nefarious act is a secret military organization which have been kidnapping scientists for use in developing their once-secret nanocrystal technology, which is at the heart of their cybernetic augmentation project. You have been hired to push back this invasion, at all costs! Face enemies with new powers and deadly tactics in this exciting new campaign!”

App Store


Really tough to choose top 3 action games but we manage & make this. We think so you like it & if not then comment below so, we improved our post.

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