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Toyota showcase Fine-Comfort Ride Concept at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

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Toyota revealed Fine-Comfort Ride Concept that work on hydrogen fuel-cell technology & provide drift range of approximately 1,000 km. So, lets check detail of vehicle –

You also want to know what is a fuel cell? So, as we all know Hydrogen is highly flammable but it’s not burning & fuel cell heart is stack, which convert the pure hydrogen with atmospheric oxygen to generate electric current.

Toyota say it offers excellent environmental performance by discharging no CO2 or substances of concern (SoC) while in operation, together with the convenience of a generous cruising range with a hydrogen refueling time of about three minutes.

Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept outer use diamond-shape cabin that narrows towards the rear. Also, wider from all dimension, give more space to second row seats & improved aerodynamic performance.

Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept electric vehicle has in-wheel motor that means wheel’s position at the corner of car and utilizes a body underside cover, thereby achieving high running stability & quietness suited to a premium saloon.

The company acquire a wearing comfort that give future mobility & look like that Toyota give hint of autonomous driving but it’s my assume. Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept packed with Adopt function & touch display on driver & passenger seat.

The FCV vehicle, seats allow for flexible adjustment according to posture & displays allow the driver and passengers to freely access information. The seat layout can be flexibly adjusted, so Fine-Comfort Ride can be used as individual space or as a communication space for individuals.

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