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Twenty Two Motors unveiled AI enabled Flow scooter

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Twenty Two Motor is India’s startup company which revealed AI-enabled Flow scooter. The company has lithium-ion battery powered by DC Motor & there is mobile app so, you control all feature into a scooter.

Twenty Two Flow powered by single battery or you can choose dual-battery powertrain which got DC motors that generate 90Nm torque plus 60km/h top-speed also singe-battery give 80km/h range & range around 160km/h with dual-battery.

The electric scooter support fast charge upto 70% in 1 hour & it’s chargeable with normal 5Amp socket. Twenty Two Flow offer AI which provide cloud-based data analytics, auto learns and helps the user minimise breakdowns, service standards (says, after 1000 km), Service based on riding behaviour, spare parts will be ordered automatically even before the failure happens & Intelligent Collision Detection and Alert.

Twenty Two Flow packed with tubeless tyres designed in 3 parts for maximum safety and efficiency, water and dust protection protected with IP65, EBS is protected up to 230mm of water, front and rear weight ratio designed for enhanced riding experience.

Now talking about brake and suspension so, CBS (Combined Braking System) with both front and rear disc for enhanced safety while suspension front telescopic and rear dual hydraulic suspension. 22 Motors say frame fully robotic welding process with automatic cathodic electrophoresis painting.

22Motor App

There is Regenerative Braking System which means every time you brake, braking energy is fed back to the battery & that reduces braking distances by up to 60% recycles 6% of the battery capacity.

Twenty Two Flow has all LED lights & projector head lamp. Scooter support bluetooth so, easily connect with Android & iOS device. You get three mode – Reverse, Cruise & Drag mode, switch on these smart modes to ride.

Twenty Two Flow Scooter price is ₹74,740 & if you get any problem from battery then it replace without any cost. Also, pre-booking soon open & you able to book one.


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