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Ujet showcase it’s first electric scooter at CES 2018

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Ujet is young company with a design center in Germany & state of the art assembly plant in Luxembourg. Company revealed first product that is electric scooter & it’s showcase at CES 2018 event.

Ujet is made off robust lightweight frame composed of advanced alloy & carbon fiber composite which company say up to 40% lighter than aluminium. Electric scooter offer two different batteries that give different power – up-to 70kw by small battery while 150kw by large battery.

You charge this one with regular home outlet (220V – 230V) & it’s charge in 3-6 hours using on-board charger while using off-board charger take only 2 hours. The battery box is removable, portable & rollable.

Ujet generate 5.44hp power & 90Nm torque. Scooter maximum speed is 45km/h that is limited. Ujet electric scooter has rising-rate suspension for a special driving experience plus front & rear got hydraulic disc brake. As well as special solution to control braking energy recuperation & electromagnetic braking.

The lightest tire with nanoaugmented rubber compound with abrasion resistance enhanced by 15% & strongly improved wet grip. Ujet offer book-type folding system & mirror also foldable. The double mechanical fixation in unfoldable mode with electronic sensors control.

Ujet develop app for iOS & Android so, you control scooter, lock/unlock scooters via smartphone, argument reality parking search, sharing options, theft protection, service tool, & monitor scooter performance like battery level, mileage & many more.

Electric scooter packed with 7-inch TFT automatic foldable display with 800×480 pixel resolution. Ujet provide Full HD front facing camera with live video recording functionality which later be downloaded & transferred.

Other feature is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS/GLONASS with on-board navigation, SIM support, voice control, speaker & 2 USB ports, allowing to charge your devices from the scooter’s battery. Ujet got smart LED front light, taillight & brake lights. Some accessories for scooter including helmet, leather gloves & fast charger.

Ujet available in two option – Diamond or Curved shape with low or high seat & small or large battery option. Also, 5 refined color options – Concorde White, Soho Grey, Piccadilly Blue, Uptown Black & Barbican Taupe.

Three driving mode – ECO, Normal & Sport. Ujet plans to launch in many European cities (Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, etc.) in the first half of 2018, followed by the U.S. (starting with California and Florida) as well as Asia in the second half of 2018. The price for the Ujet electric scooter will be targeted at around $8,900 USD for the small battery & $9,990 USD for the large battery. Reservations are now open at www.ujet.com.

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