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Volkswagen revealed Golf GTI TCR prototype at Wörthersee Enthusiast Festival

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Volkswagen unleash the more powerful Golf GTI TCR. The Wörthersee in Austria host the world’s largest GTI gathering & company showcase near-production-ready Golf GTI TCR. Volkswagen say “around 7,300 cars and 125,000 people are expected to turn the town of Reifnitz am Wörthersee in Austria into the Mecca of the Golf GTI world.”

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR is road-going version of the two-time overall winner of the international TCR race series. The new car heart is turbocharged engine that generate 286hp power at 5,000 and 6,800 rpm & 370Nm torque from 1,600 rpm, remaining flat until 4,300 rpm.

The engine matted with 7-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission gearbox & standard limited-slip differential are responsible for power transmission and excellent traction. The maximum speed is 250km/h, but this can be increased to 264km/h by opting to remove the electronic speed limiter.

Volkswagen sold more than 2.2 million units sold of the Golf GTI & one of the world’s most successful compact sporty cars. All these first started in 1976 as a 110-horsepower front-wheel drive hatchback, which made great driving dynamics affordable. Originally, only 5,000 cars of the original GTI were to be built – 4,400 times as many have now been produced.

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