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Yamaha Cross Hub Concept revealed at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

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Yamaha unveiled Cross Hub Concept SUV + Pickup Truck at 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017. The new car carry two motorcycle & 4 seater. Also, this Cross Hub not made by a famous designer Gordon Murray, yes that one guy who well known for McLaren F1 design.

Yamaha Cross Hub Concept is SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle or Suburban Utility Vehicle) plus Pickup truck which mean a four adult seating & rear cargo carry two motorcycle Yamaha use unique process for the design and development that focused on extensive experimentation & testing of the overall package before moving to the vehicle’s styling.

As soon as you enter into the car you see a diamond-shaped cutting layout & the driver seat position ahead in the middle with the passenger seats surrounding it from behind which enabling a compact vehicle size still providing the desired cabin space & rear cargo bed capacity.

Yamaha’s “Elementalism” design approach was taken to a new level of evolution with the bold layout of the cabin, tough-looking body surfaces and the robust frame permeating the vehicle. The materials used for finer design details were also given a uniquely Yamaha character, like the wood paneling inspired by the look and feel of our boat decks.

Yamaha’s aim with the CROSS HUB CONCEPT was for it to be a “hub” connecting the multifaceted lifestyles as well as the different values people hold, linking open fields with busy urban streets, and the “active and energetic” with “premium and relaxed.”


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