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Zeroi unveiled Versatile Hat with Bone Conduction Technology

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As we know today earphone is one of the best friend while morning walk we take them or traveling but one biggest threat is don’t know what happening outer world like some vehicle coming from back side & we don’t know then we crushed out.

So, Zeroi created a versatile hat with Bone Conduction technology. There is 4 bone conduction speaker – 2 on the right side & 2 on the left side when the conduction connect with your bone you listen the music or make a call. How it’s possible? they transfer sound to your inner ear via vibrations plus your ear also connected with outer world.

Zeroi got Bluetooth technology that brings you the high quality audio experience of stereo sound. There is built-in microphone that lets you make & answer phone calls. The hate is water resistant & you enjoy your music while raining but is able to resist the penetration of water to some degree, but not entirely.

Zeroi feature is detachable magnetic connector. It also reduce abrasion when inserting or plugging out the cable. It protects your charging ports from objects such as dust, linen & water. Zeroi give 5 hours music play time that is good.

Talking about controlling so, there is one button which can be used to turn On/Off. Zeroi created in two different caps – baseball caps & snapback hats.

Zeroi say “The oil coating process allows for a smooth, protected, and well-polished product unlike your normal fabric or synthetic leather.This oil coating also protects the fabric from minor externals shocks and scratches, which enhances the durability of the product”.

Want to buy then check the below link.

Zeroi | Kickstarter

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